Cold and Flu Season? Catch Us If You Can…

Foods as Cold and Flu Season Remedies

 Cold and Flu season is upon us, unfortunately. At Urban Remedy we were wondering if eating certain foods can help you avoid catching the cold and/or flu? We’ve found… they actually can! This year, beat the bug! Feed your body the right foods to help reduce your chances of contracting cold or flu viruses.

 Carrots: Carrots are high in Vitamin A, which supports your immune system. Whether you eat them raw as a crunchy afternoon snack or blended into a juice, carrots are a great snack for an immunity boosted you.

At Urban Remedy, we use carrots in our Beam juice. Brighten your week with this sweet treat!

Garlic: The antioxidant properties of garlic help support immunity and maintain healthy blood circulation. Pack a snack of kale chips for a garlicky and delicious cold and flu fighting remedy.

Acai: Antioxidant-full superfruit acai berries contain high levels of omega fats that fuel healthy immune systems. Our Greenberry smoothie is brimming with all of the acai goodness you’ll need to battle even the toughest viruses.

Need a stronger immunity boost? Try our Immuno immunity nutritional supplement! Paired with a juice or just on its own, this nutritional supplement filled with nanized tinctures feeds your body all of the immune system building goodness it needs to weather cold and flu season without a single sneeze.

 This cold and flu season, fight viruses from the inside out. Rest up and outsmart any cold or flu with an immunity boosting diet!

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