Delicious and Satisfying

I have enjoyed Neka’s juices two ways.  I did a 2 day juice only cleanse.  It was my first taste of her juices and all I can say is I wanted more!!  They were delicious and satisfying. The morning Cell-ebration was my personal favorite. I felt great and I slept really well both nights after the Cashew Cinnamon Calm.   The second week I chose two double up on my three favorites and drank them with light clean meals.  Neka’s juices are so delicious – every one of them!  My kids even sipped a few and loved them.  I honestly feel like i could start every day with one of her juices for the rest of my life and never grow tired of them.  They are that good!  I really feel she has a gift and I was and will continue to be  the lucky recipient.

- Dyer


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