Energize Your Way Through the Time Change

The times they are a changin’! As days get shorter and darkness creeps in just after 4pm (yuck!) here are four foods you can eat to boost your energy.

Dates: Dates replenish energy and are rich in LDL cholesterol-absorbing fiber. Snack on some of these chewy sweet morsels for a quick afternoon boost. At Urban Remedy, we love dates in our cookies! Guilt-free and sinfully sweet.

Spinach: Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and helps build and cleanse the blood. Cleansed blood moves easier through the body, easing the heart’s pumping effort, and boosting your overall energy. All of our Urban Remedy juice cleanses are full of spinach, so drink them down to power up!

 Burdock root: Used in many folk remedies as one of the best blood purifying herbs, burdock root is a wonderfully energizing ingredient. Clear yourself and pump up with the delicious taste of burdock root.

 Beets: Beets clean the blood and benefit the liver. Clean blood, clean body, energized spirit! Taste the deliciousness of beets in our Urban Remedy after party juice for a power packed boost.

 Boost your energy this winter with these energizing ingredients and be the life of the party all day long!