Healthy Habits To Make You Sleep Soundly

The New York Times recently profiled the causes of restless sleep. At Urban Remedy, we can’t stress enough how important sleep is for your overall health and wellness. First things first, without sleep, the body’s immune system weakens, motor skills slow, and in serious cases, one can develop adrenal fatigue, which affects your adrenal glands. This condition can leave you enable to get out of bed for days, reverse your daytime/nighttime energy levels, and leave you craving sweet and salty foods. No thank you!

For a better night’s sleep, try adding these three things into your daily routine.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgMagnesium: Magnesium is a main ingredient in the recipe for a good night’s sleep. This mineral helps balance blood-glucose levels, essential in steadying your body’s metabolism. Let’s say, you know… just for example, that you eat sugary snacks all day long, especially before bed. A few hours later, mid-REM cycle, guess what? You’re hungry again! So, you wake up! If instead, your daily diet consists of minerals like magnesium, which regulates blood-glucose levels, you are less likely to get hungry in the nighttime, and more likely to sleep soundly. Apple cider vinegar, cacao, and parsley are ingredients packed with this sleep-soothing mineral. Looking for a yummy nighttime snack? Try our Urban Remedy Hot Chocolate for some sweet cacao goodness!

Urban Remedy Be Calm Vanilla Nut MilkNight Cap: Keeping on the blood sugar kick, like Magnesium, adding a simple dose of cashew milk as a nightly night cap can keep you sleeping soundly. This bedtime treat can steady your blood sugar levels for an extended amount of time, giving you that full 8 hour dream-filled slumber. At Urban Remedy, we love to relax and add the sweet flavors of cinnamon and vanilla to our cashew milk night cap. Hungry for more? Our Nourish cashew milk includes cardamom, for added detoxifying action. Double duty!

Acupuncture: This ancient chinese ritual consists of sticking small needles into particular pressure points to alleviate tension. Studies have found that acupuncture can actual increase nighttime melatonin levels, a natural depressant produced by the brain to calm the body’s nervous system. Is chronic pain keeping your nights restless? Acupuncture can also lower symptoms of chronic pain. Pain-free bodies lead to dream-full nights! Sounds great to us!

Try changing up your daily routine today, for sounder sleep tonight. You know what they say… 8 hours a day keeps the wrinkles away!

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