Kayse’s Cleansing Experience

Kayse tells us about her cleansing experience:

Long work hours, late nights, too much caffeine and grim winter weather had left me feeling sluggish, tired and low energy. I signed up for Urban Remedy’s Signature Cleanse for 3 days, a bit concerned that juice alone might not sustain me energetically for my demanding work schedule…. wrong! By the end of Day 1, I felt my energy was heightened and a sense of refreshment both physically and mentally. Instead of feeling increasingly tired as each day went along, my energy seemed to get stronger, more consistent and sustained. I prepared for the cleanse by eating only whole, organic foods – lots of salads, fresh veggies and fruits, wild salmon, eggs, nuts and brown rice – for a week beforehand along with plenty of water; by doing so I feel my body was much better prepared for the cleanse. The juices were really unique, tasty and it was so convenient having them all pre-prepared and ready to go in the fridge or travel cooler. Neka incorporates so many amazing ingredients in her delicious potions that I could have easily continued the program for a few more days… I highly recommend Urban Remedy and very much look forward to trying the other available programs. Thanks, Neka!

Kayse Gehret
Founder, Soulstice Spa, Inc.


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