Urban Remedy’s Top Ten Reasons to Juice

1. Give your digestive system a rest. When you cleanse, you give your body an opportunity to put its energy, normally used for digestion, into elimination, recovery and healing.

2. Get energized! Many juicers experience an influx of energy and enthusiasm for life as they body cleanses itself of toxins. You might experience more energy when you wake up and throughout the day. Because you’re ingesting a consistent amount of calories throughout the day, rather than in big meals, your energy levels will stabilize: i.e., no more post-lunch comas!

3. Challenge your eating habits. Juicing is a great way to look at your patterns around eating, such as how often and when you think you need to eat. Most of us struggle to know when our body actually needs food and when it needs a rest. You can create more of a sense of choice in your eating habits through taking a temporary break from solid foods.

4. Go Zen! Many juicers develop a clarity of mind while juicing. Without solid food slowing down your system, juicing is a great time to go inward, reflect and develop new insights. Meditation or yoga are great supplements to a cleanse for that very reason.

5. Glow. Juicers often literally glow while on a cleanse. The glow is a sign that your body is doing some great healing work!

6. Detox! Juicing allows the body to heal from injury and disease by eliminating toxic wastes. The energy used for digestion can now go towards healing your body from ailments it couldn’t heal before.

7. Save your jaw. Juicing offers the nutrients you need in a convenient and quick form, saving you from needing to chew through all the vegetables and fruit. Harvard University School of Public Health says that juicing is a great way to reach the nine daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended for an optimum diet.

8. Go Raw! Raw produce offers much more enzymes and nutrients than cooked foods. Many enzymes die at high heats, so eating raw foods ensures you get all the enzymes and nutrients you need. If you can, take this opportunity to go completely raw while you juice.

9. Squeeze out every drop of goodness from your foods. You might as well get the most from the foods you buy. When you squeeze out the juice of the fruit or vegetable, you receive a concentration of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that might not otherwise be available in whole foods.

10. Heal your cellular and immune system. When you’re juicing, your cells have the time to repair themselves and detoxify. During this time, they can regenerate and strengthen your immune system. Many juicers experience a boosted immune system and fight off viruses more easily.


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